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Key in the Lock


We specialize in residential property management throughout central Indiana.  Our team works hard for investors to offer the best customer service for all of your property management needs.

Below is a an itemized list of what our fees cover:

  • Year-round free advertising on our website

  • Placing and removing “FOR RENT” signs

  • Collect applications and screen applicants

  • Leasing your property

  • Execute and collect security deposits

  • Quick response and resolution to complaints and inquiries

  • Documentation of phone call inquiries

  • Collection of monthly rent electronically allowing e-checks, debit and credit cards

  • Collection and follow-up on all delinquent accounts

  • Monthly detailed reporting of transactions through industry-leading software

  • Annual reporting, structured for income tax reporting

  • Coordination of all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs

  • Plan and communicate all capital improvement projects for the property

  • Routine inspections (inside inspections and outside”drive-by’s”)

  • Coordinate all lawn care and snow removal (if necessary or desired)

  • “Turnover” documentation for outgoing and incoming tenants

  • “Turnover” cleaning and preparation for incoming tenants

  • Third-party showing request to see properties for insurance agents, appraisers, etc.

  • Prospecting for future investments by identifying specific properties to purchase

Below is a an itemized list of what is NOT covered in our fee arrangement:

  • Repair materials and labor costs, cleaning, etc.

  • Lawn mowing fee

  • Attorney fees in association with collection issues (if necessary)

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